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Need moving help! [Jul. 25th, 2007|01:18 pm]
The Happenings of Hillsboro, Oregon


Me and my fiance are moving to Beaverton tomorrow and we need help unloading our UHaul. We can unload most of it ourselves but we have a few fairly heavy things that I cannot help him move - an electric piano, a futon frame, a couple couches and a wood armoire.

Anyway, would anyone be willing to come out for about an hour and help us move stuff into our apartment? We are thinking around 5-6pm. We really just need one kinda big/strong guy for about an hour. The apartments we are staying at are called Willow Grove and they are about two blocks from a Max stop though I am new to the area and I'm not really sure which stop it is!

We will pay you $50. :)